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We stock many kinds of products that will help you become fitter and healthier. With todays stresses and with no time to take care of ourselves it has become more and more important to choose products that you can feel sure will help you acheive the goals you or your doctor set. You just need to choose between the brand that you like, such as our very own excellent Polygon products, Yamax, Silva, Omron, A&D medical and many more. These products are a fantastic way to maintain your health and carry out checks from the comfort of your home. If you need any advice as to what product would suit your particular objectives or training regime please call us now on 0333 700 1966 or send us an email

Polygon Direct makes it easy to select the product you need.

Polygon Direct has designed this website to be easy to use - simply choose the products you're inerested in from the menu on the left and then choose the product brand you want. A full listing of your choosen products can then be seen.

A full search facility just like Amazon

Our full search facility gives you the ability to search our shop either by brand name, product type and/or sub-category. For example if you wanted to search for a pedometer that has 3D Technology but only show Yamax pedometers you would do this by selecting 3D in 'Search Our Store' and Yamax in the 'All Sub-Category' drop-down selection - then hit the enter key on your keyboard and in less than 1 sec we'll show you the results.

Help us to grow bigger and better.

All businesses need to grow and we need your help - if you believe we have helped you find and purchase your desired product or if we have helped in other ways please use your social networks; twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Facebook or the like to spread the word - we would very much appreciate your help - thank you.


Simply put, Polygon Direct's goal is to provide you with the best choice and service possible