Yamax Digi-Walker

Japanese technology with proven accuracy and reliability

Yamax SW Series Digi-Walker Pedometers

Great entry level series of pedometers which are worn on the hip. Each model counts steps and has a large LCD display which makes it easy to see the collected data. Very easy to use and set-up.

Yamax SW200 Digi-walker


Best Seller
Counts Steps Only
Single Button Reset



Choose either miles or Km
Steps, distance and calories
Very popular


Yamax SW800/801 pedometer


Choose either miles or Km
Steps, distance and calories
Average speed


Yamax CW Series Digi-Walker Pedometers

Upgraded spring for greater accuracy all CW models have a large dual line LCD for easy readout. Worn on the hip. Belt/waist clip has a strong metal grip.

Yamax CW200 Digi-walker


Enhanced hammer and spring
Counts steps only
Easy read dual LCD 



Enhanced hammer and spring
2 weeks memory
Steps only 


Yamax CW700/701 pedometer


Best selling CW pedometer
steps, distance, calories
Choose between miles and Km 


Yamax Power-walker Pedometers

Choose to wear on the hip or almost anywhere. These pedometers will ensure you have all the data you need to help motivate you for any walking or activity program.

Yamax PZ270-PZ271 Power-Walker Pedometer


1D Accelerometer 
Counts Steps, distance, calories
7 Days memory



Counts Steps, distance, calories
7 Days memory
Power Walking Mode


Latest Yamax 3D Power-walker Pedometers

Fully packed with the latest features, these 2 pedometers will help with your fitness regime by providing all the data you need.

Yamax EX210 Power-Walker Pedometer


3D Accelerometer Pedometer
Counts Steps only
7 Days memory


Yamax EX510 Power-Walker Pedometer


Top of the range pedometer
Choose either miles or Km
Very reliable and accurate